Moving the ABJA Forward










Purpose of the ABJA

The purpose of this Association shall be to promote the general welfare of its members, to encourage the highest standards of conduct among its members and in the profession at large, to promote the continuing education of its members, and to foster among its members a feeling of camaraderie and mutual confidence.

Membership Eligibility

In the absence of a person in chambers hired under the title of Judicial Assistant/Paralegal or Secretary, any individual who performs the essential job duties of a judicial assistant such as a law clerk appointed by a Judge,  shall be encompassed by the term "judicial assistant' and be available for membership.   


2.1 MEMBERSHIP: The following shall be eligible for membership as voting members in the Association: Judicial Assistants, Secretaries, Paralegals or Law Clerks performing administrative duties and holding appointments by United States Bankruptcy Judges.

2.2 ASSOCIATE RETIRED MEMBERSHIP: Associate membership may be granted to any member in good standing upon the member’s leaving employment as a Judicial Assistant, Secretary, Paralegal or Law Clerk performing administrative duties to a bankruptcy judge. Such Associate Retired JA Members shall have no right to vote or hold office and shall pay the same annual dues as other members. Associate Retired JA Members may attend the annual business meetings of the Association.

2.2A ASSOCIATE CERTIFIED BANKRUPTCY ASSISTANT ("CBA") MEMBERSHIP:  Associate membership may be granted to any lay person, other than a Judicial Assistant, Secretary, Paralegal or Law Clerk, who has passed the certification examination administered by the Association of Bankruptcy Judicial Assistants, is current in their certification requirements, and is otherwise in good standing.