Treasurer Job Description

The Treasurer is an elected official and serves for a two-year term, which is January 1 to December 31. The Treasurer is an official member of the Executive Committee. Said Committee approves presidential appointments, acts in an emergency for the interests of the Association, and has the authority to spend amounts as authorized by the Board of Directors. (Article 6, Paragraph 1)

The Treasurer is also a member of the Board of Directors. Said Board transacts all business submitted to it by the President and authorizes payment and approves expenditures of the members of the Board that are deemed necessary to properly perform their duties, if such funds are available. (Article 6, Paragraph 2)

• Collect, record, and deposit the funds of the Association.
• Collect dues from ABJA/CBA members. Transmit a copy of the Membership Application to the Chair of the Membership Committee so that she can update the ABJA records. 
• Distribute Expense Reimbursement Request forms to all Board Members and Committee Chairs so that they can get reimbursed for any expenses they incur.
• Submit all expense reimbursement request forms to the President for approval.
• Sign and distribute checks for authorized disbursements.
• Custodian for ABJA fund-raising items: has physical control of inventory, and takes and mails orders. The Treasurer works in conjunction with the Conference Committee Chair for shipment/delivery of all conference materials.
• Maintain a ledger of expenses and disbursements.
• Prepare a financial report of the Annual Conference (submit the original to the President and make copies for distribution at Annual Meeting).
• Prepare an annual (January 1 - December 31) financial report of the Association (submit original to the President and make copies for distribution at Annual Meeting).
• Performs such duties as assigned by the Executive Committee and/or Board of Directors.