Standard Procedures for Certification Program

“Certified Bankruptcy Assistant”

The following information is provided by the Association of Bankruptcy Judicial Assistants (“ABJA”) for the Certified Bankruptcy Assistant (CBA) training program. A CBA is a specialist in the bankruptcy field of expertise. The National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges (NCBJ) and American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI) provide their support for this program.

Below are guidelines and information concerning the CBA Educational Seminar:

What are the Costs?
Registration Fee: The seminar registration fee is generally $250.00, but is subject to change each year depending on hotel fees and expenses. The fee is determined by the ABJA Conference Committee prior to each seminar. This fee covers the cost of the study guide, the live educational program, break refreshments and lunch on exam day.
Examination Fee: $149

What is the application procedure and deadline dates?
The Application for CBA and supporting documents, if any, must be sent to Beth Morris, Chair of the CBA Committee, for processing prior to the conference. Please submit the application no later than September 1st. The chair will review all applications and will advise applicants immediately whether they are accepted or rejected. Once accepted, the registration will be processed and the study guide will be mailed to applicant.

Exam: There are four sections which include U. S. Bankruptcy Code and Rules, Ethics, Legal Research, and Grammar/Usage/Writing. There are approximately 50 questions per section. The Bankruptcy Code and Rules has 100 questions, which is separated into two exams. The exam is usually given on the second day (in the afternoon) of the seminar. No one is obligated to take the exam. The examination will consist of multiple choice, matching, and/or true/false questions.

Time: The exam will take approximately three to four hours, depending on the individual.

Grading: A passing score of 70% is required for each of the examination sections. It is a Pass or Fail. See the Rules and Regulations for more information.

Seminar: The scheduling of the CBA seminar(s) is going to vary. All information on the seminars and other information can be obtained through the ABJA website at, when it becomes available.
You will receive full training (hands-on workshop). As stated above, the courses will include: Bankruptcy Code and Rules, Grammar/Usage and Writing, Ethics, and Legal Research (Blue Book workshop). The speakers and chair of the committee can answer any questions. After grading the exams, it takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks for the CBA Certificates to be mailed to the applicants.

Retake Policy: An applicant must pass at least three sections at the initial testing. If the applicant passes less than three, the applicant must reapply and retake the full examination. If an applicant passes three or more of the four sections, he or she will need to take only those sections failed. The applicant is
allowed to choose which section will be retaken during any testing session. If the applicant does not retake the examination within the two year period, credit for the passed sections is forfeited, and the applicant must reapply to take the full examination. Please see the Rules and Regulations for instructions.