Why YOU should join the ABJA

Did you know?...

• of approximately 360 bankruptcy judges nationwide, only 165 have judicial assistants, and an estimated 195 chambers do not have a JA and presumably have all law clerks (this number also includes a small number of judges who are recalled and have no staff at all).
• many newly appointed judges are opting for two law clerks and no JA.
• our judges support our efforts through the NCBJ’s endorsement of our association - the least we can do is support the ABJA ourselves.
• the CBA (Certified Bankruptcy Assistants Program) is the only bankruptcy certification program for non-lawyers in the United States.
• chambers training funds are available to assist you in attending the educational portion of the program, and the ABJA leadership corresponds annually with the AO to ensure that our program meets the required guidelines for training.
• there’s little that any one of us can do individually to improve and advance the JA position; the ABJA is a larger voice with your membership.
• you can be a member of the ABJA for only $40 a year.



Position of secretary to a federal judge classified at JSP-10 in 1958.

Federal Judicial Secretaries Association (“FJSA”) organized in 1972.

In 1976 the Federal Judicial Secretaries Association requested a grade increase; disapproved by Judicial Conference. Position reclassified by the Judicial Conference as JSP-11 in March 1978.

The Association of Bankruptcy Judges’ Secretaries, now known as the Association of Bankruptcy Judicial Assistants (“ABJA”), was organized in 1989.