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Congratulations to all newly elected Officers!

Meet your 2017 ABJA President, Debbie Reese!

Welcome to 2017!!!  I am looking forward to serving the ABJA as President this year and supporting and advancing the mission and goals of our organization.  We have a great group of dedicated people serving as officers, committee chairs and members who are committed to the success and future of the ABJA.

I have the honor of working for Judge Edward J. Coleman III of the Southern District of Georgia where we are located in Savannah.  I began working for Judge Coleman while he was in private practice in Augusta, Georgia as his Paralegal and upon his appointment to the bench he offered me the position of Judicial Assistant, which I quickly accepted.

Upon joining the ABJA in October of 2013, I took the CBA exam and became a certified CBA, and was asked to chair the membership committee for 2014, 2015 and 2016.  In 2015 and 2016 I accepted the duties of Parliamentarian and chaired the By-Laws Committee.  It has been a pleasure to work with the dedicated members of the ABJA and look forward to continuing the hard work that is ahead of us.  Thank you for being a ABJA member and for allowing me the honor of serving as President.   


Introducing your 2017 Executive Committee:

President Elect:  Laura Stevenson, Tampa, Florida
Treasurer:  Chicquita Greene-Hester, St. Louis, MO
Secretary:  Denine Downs, Phoenix, AZ
Parliamentarian:  Ursula Hamilton, Charlotte, NC

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